Even Michael Bay needs a break from explosions, robots, and Megan Fox. As Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was demolishing the box office, DreamWorks and Bay bought up the rights to James Frey's I Am Number 4.Variety now reports that they've secured the rights, and have now set Alfred Gough and Miles Millar to work on penning the script. Bay is attached as producer, but is still dancing around the idea of directing the film for DreamWorks.

I Am Number 4 is the first book in a series of six. It's centered around a group of nine aliens who flee their destroyed planet, and crash on Earth. They disguise themselves as teenagers (of course -- why would you be a supermodel or a sports star when you could go back to high school?), and Number 4 realizes they are still being hunted by those who destroyed their homeworld. There's some dashes of the television show Roswell there, and probably a few dozen other sci-fi teen tales.

The teen-out-of-water story of Number 4 is familiar territory for Millar and Gough, who are probably best known for their stint on Smallville, though they also had a hand in Spider-Man 2. What I find the most remarkable about is the continued success of Frey. Who says lying about your memoirs will damage your writing career and option prospects? This is America, baby!
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