Considering how skimpy the horror offerings have been this year, it's kind of cool to note that tomorrow marks the arrival of two brand-new horror movies! OK, so they're sequels. And fine, that newness is tarnished by the fact that one release is a "Part 4," while the other is a "sequel to a remake that begat seven of its own damn sequels." OK, all of a sudden this weekend doesn't sound so exciting.

But at least The Final Destination (or as I will always call it ... "Final Destination 4") has the decency to arrive with some of that 3-D gimmickry that all the kids are talking about. (They aren't?) Because the other flick ... is Halloween 2. And here's the even more unfortunate news: Like the "first" Halloween, this one is directed by Rob Zombie. A filmmaker I consider a true blight upon the genre. (Nothing personal, Rob. I still dig your CDs, man.)

But one would feel like an ingrateful jerk if he turned his nose up at two new horror films, especially considering he's been offered so few this year. One thing's for sure: You know the Summer Movie Season is well and truly over when two horror sequels are opening in the same weekend. Fingers crossed, horror fans, and be careful out there.
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