Yesterday a number of different websites received a link to a YouTube video in their inbox. The video -- posted after the jump -- is a little over 40 seconds long and is done up in the style of the original Cloverfield, with shots of tourists looking at a fountain intercut with shots of a man with his baby. At one point a loud noise is heard and when the camera pans the two videos merge into a big blob that looks like the Cloverfield monster, but could easily be a piece of manipulation using a scene from the first film. Then, at the end, as people begin running from whatever it is that's about to attack them, the camera briefly pans up enough to catch a road sign that reads Cloverfield.

Most of the websites that received the video didn't post it because we all immediately figured it was a fake. Truth be told, I still think it's a fake -- but I figured, hey, why not at least show our clever readers so you all can determine whether it's real or fake yourselves.

Check it out after the jump and let us know what you think.
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