Let's face it: recessions suck. People lose money, they lose jobs, they lose husbands and wives and ... yeah, you get the point. I'm sure some of you are still out of work, trying to get by on whatever little comes out of that unemployment check -- hoping and praying that this time the experts are right, and our economy is beginning to recover. In the meantime, though, after watching our government spend billions in stimulus money, I bet you at home would like your own stimulus package ... am I right?

Well, your friends at Cinematical have partnered up with filmmaker Michael Moore and Overture Films on a pretty cool contest in conjunction with Moore's upcoming documentary Capitalism: A Love Storywhere the winner will receive a much-needed $500 Visa gift card to use as they see fit. All you have to do is watch the brand new trailer for Capitalism: A Love Story and answer three questions about said trailer correctly in order to enter. Just leave your answers in the comments section below, and make sure you have a valid email address so we can get back to you if you win. It's that easy!

Capitalism: A Love Story hits theaters on October 2nd. Head after the jump to watch the trailer, see the questions and read the official rules for this contest.