'Girls Rock'She may look like she's 'just' a girl singer, but an electric guitar stands at the ready just behind her waiting for the moment when this ... girl ... will ... rock ... !!! I've been itching to see Girls Rock! ever since I caught a trailer for it eons ago; something about its rough, DIY musical spirit was very appealing. Now you too can watch Girls Rock!, which recently became available for free online streaming, courtesy of our friends at SnagFilms.

The starting point for the documentary is a trip to the annual "Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls" in Portland, Oregon, observed our own Jeffrey M. Anderson. "For their week in camp, the girls, ranging in age from 8 to 18, must form bands, write songs, learn to play instruments, learn to play together and perform their original songs for a crowd of 700 by the last day. ... The best thing Girls Rock! has going for it is the fact that it discards the stagnant PBS documentary formula in favor of a more homemade, exploratory feel. And though it has roughly the same depth and breadth as a 3-minute song, it also has a real rock 'n' roll attitude."

Monika Bartyzel noted the surprising fact that the doc is directed by two men, Arne Johnson and Shane King. "Yet it doesn't really matter," she wrote in her review, "because they understand their subject perfectly. With the driving sounds of notable female rockers from Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon to Veruca Salt, the documentary is an intensely intimate, yet respectful, portrait of the pressures and releases of a group of dynamic young women." More information about the film is available at SnagFilms.

Watch Girls Rock in its entirety -- absolutely free -- after the jump!