By next year, it'll be four years since Shane Meadows' This is England came out and stood out as a well-observed portrait of growing up of '80s-era England, so it seems fitting that any follow-up would also take place four years after the fact. According to Screen Daily, that's just the idea, as Meadows prepares to do a four-part series called "We Were Faces" for the UK's Channel Four which will chronicle the characters as their lives have progressed by 1986.

I haven't had the chance yet to see this summer's Somers Town, the latest from Meadows and young star Thomas Turgoose, but the latter has certainly made an impression for himself between England and Eden Lake. Between that one and Somers Town, he took home the London Film Critics' Young British Performer of the Year award, so he must be doing something right, and there's a unique pleasure in seeing a young talent grow up and grow out in their work.

No offense, Freddie Highmore, but it's just not the same. Maybe you should ring up Mr. Meadows for a part...

(Thanks to IFC's Alison Willmore for the heads-up.)
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