With Betty White in The Proposal, there's been a lot of chatter about snarky old ladies. But they're not the only ones who get a little bit of modern fun. Way back in 2007, we learned that Andy Griffith -- THE Andy Griffith -- was signing up for a father-and-son-getting-women comedy called Play the Game. Sounds weird enough to be a hoot, right? It's not every day an 81-year-old gets to star in a romcom. But it's a lot more than just romance. A lot. Maybe this will give you a hint, an excerpt from Roger Ebert's review of the film: "I've admired Griffith ever since No Time for Sergeants (1958), but the one thing I must admit I've never wanted to do was regard his face while he's enjoying oral sex from Seinfeld's mom."

Yes, folks -- Griffith gets a Viagra-aided oral sex scene. But we can't just hear about that with eye-scalded words. The folks over at Movieline snagged a screencap, which you can see to the right. Basically, Griffith's character's wife died a few years ago, and his grandson doesn't want to be lonely, so he teaches gramps what he knows about scoring the ladies. And after some pointers and a little Viagra, our iconic good grandpa becomes a "retirement home gigolo," before, one would assume, settling down with a nice old lady.

You can check out the trailer after the jump, and the film opens this week. Andy Griffith in a sexy comedy -- what more motivation do you need?