Now thatDistrict 9 has become a critical and commercial success, what's the next step for director Neill Blomkamp? Does he move onto something else? Does he jump right into a sequel? Does he do both? In an interview with SciFiMoviePage, Blomkamp admits that the studio definitely wants a sequel to District 9, but hints that he may move on to something else before diving back into that world. He says, "I will [be working on something] when I get back to Vancouver. I got a new science fiction idea, that's fresh. I'm just writing it from the ground up. But it's very early and I think that'll be my next film ... I'm pretty sure it's set on another planet, it's set way in the future."

He later described this mysterious film as being a mix between horror and science fiction, and as a fan of District 9 -- and as someone who'd like to eventually see a sequel -- it'll be interesting to see what Blomkamp does with a little more money and a film set on a distant planet. That's assuming Blomkamp does get more money for this "other idea", and why shouldn't he? On a potential District 9 sequel, he says, "Yeah I would totally make a sequel. [The studio] want one, they definitely want one. It's just a case now what the hell it is... It could go a lot of different ways. It's also, how do you - what happens to Wikus? How do you wrap that character up? Does he become human again? I'd have to really go and think about where the hell it goes." Blomkamp admitted that the title will probably be District 10, though it's still too early to lock down those kinds of details.

What would you rather see from Blomkamp: A District 9 sequel or something completely new?

[via The Playlist]
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