I've been patient with Rob Zombie's movies, but for some reason he seems to be exempt from that societal rule which says "Be good at your job, or at least try to improve as often as you can." I've got nothing personal against the guy, I actually do dig his music, and I'm sure he's a wonderful human being where his loved ones are concerned.

But when it comes to making movies, the guy's dancing around his own filthy vacuum. His films are actually painful to watch, not because of the oh-so-extreme violence and hilariously over-baked profanity, but mostly because of the stunningly base and amateurish filmmaking skills on display. But apparently someone with a big lump of cash disagrees with me: Variety is reporting that Rob Zombie has just signed a deal to remake the 1958 sci-fi monster movie classic The Blob. Says the clearly astute filmmaker: "My intention is not to have a big red blobby thing -- that's the first thing I want to change."

To which I'd respond ... Hey, too bad it's THE BLOB you were just hired to remake, dude! If giant red blobby creatures are too good for a man stage-named "Zombie," then perhaps he should try remaking something like ... The Funhouse. Far as I can recall there are no blob monsters in that flick.

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