These days, it seems that Jennifer Aniston can't be in a movie without gossip magazines and sites across the blogosphere automatically romantically linking her and her co-star. It's as if the tabloids are privy to some secret clause written into Aniston's contract specifying that her on-screen leading man must become her off-screen Romeo as well.

For instance, at this very moment, you'll be hard pressed to find a glossy gossip mag or celebrity blog that hasn't insinuated that Aniston and her ladies' man 'Bounty' co-star Gerard Butler are doing the horizontal mambo. While this particular rumor has yet to be proved or disproved, most of the evidence thus far is of the very iffy persuasion. The headlines usually read something like "Jen Aniston and Gerard Butler Kissing on Set!" or "Aniston and Butler Walk the Beach Arm in Arm on Set of New Movie!" Gee, wonder why they'd do those things on the set of a romantic freaking comedy. They must be a couple!

But we digress. As with many things reported by the diligently fact-checked rumor rags and gossip sites, these rumors are usually -- though surprisingly not always -- unfounded. To that end, we look back at Jen's alleged on-set hookups and separate fact from fiction.
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