Grab your pitchforks, I'll understand, but I do not like Neil Marshall's The Descent. I know I'm a lone voice on that front, but I think it's a strictly mediocre film whose rabid appreciation by the horror community at large is a phenomenon I will never understand. That said, I am quite looking forward to The Descent: Part 2.

The directorial debut of a one Jon Harris, who was Marshall's editor on the original (as well as the editor on the fantastic British face blaster Eden Lake), is angling to mirror the Aliens/Alien sequel dynamic: No one believes Sarah's story of what happened to her friends in that dreaded enclosed space, so back down she goes under the armed escort of inquisitive minds who are all soon bound to get a lesson in why you should trust an ecstatic woman covered with injuries and an unbelievable story about how she got 'em.

The trailer, which debuted officially at IGN (there was an unofficial trailer months ago that got yanked) and is embedded below, makes one thing perfectly clear: There's more people to get eaten and even more pseudo-people to do the eating. Check it out:
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