It's not exactly original for someone to use this clip from the 2004 film Downfall and change around the dialogue. We've seen it countless times before, with the most recent being Hitler's reaction to the death of Michael Jackson. But the videos are only as good as the person writing the dialogue, and I'm sorry if you don't agree with me here -- but this one just cracked me the hell up.

In the video after the jump, watch as Hitler freaks out over the failure of James Cameron's Avatar trailer, comparing it to The Land Before Time 3 (among other things) with lines like, "He should have left the remake of Ferngully: The Last Rainforest to Lucas!" Thankfully not everyone is hating on Avatar as much as Hitler, and as our own William Goss and Jessica Barnes recently reported, the sneak preview footage in 3D was pretty fantastic to watch.

Will Avatar turn out to be the bomb Hitler thinks it is? Or will it redeem itself by wowing audiences in theaters this December 18? Guess we'll see ... but in the meantime, check out Hitler's hilarious Avatar reaction after the jump.