There are always a couple of titles that get pushed at Comic-Con, only to have those first impressions fade from memory as their opening gets shoved further and further back. Case in point: Whiteout, which showed up at San Diego in 2007, only to find itself a home next month -- over two years after.

Now, if Box Office Mojo is to be believed (and they're pretty reliable), Seth Rogen and Michel Gondry's The Green Hornet will now debut over a year after making a modest presentation at this past Comic-Con, having been bumped back from next July to the following December for reasons unknown.

Sure, it could be more time for effects work (the alibi given for 2012's similar shift this year), or maybe Sony didn't relish the chance to open a crime-fighting action-comedy opposite a Predator(s) reboot and a mere week before the already anticipated Inception. At any rate (or date, rather), let's just hope that it doesn't turn out to be nearly as goofy and stylized as last winter's The Spirit first revealed itself to be at -- you guessed it -- Comic-Con.
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