I saw Flashdance in the theater with my mom when it came out in 1983, and Jennifer Beals rocked my life so hard that I re-enacted the dance scenes from the movie in my room over and over and over again. Rewatching this clip now makes me think, uh, the camera is focused almost entirely on her posterior, and why is there that big Turner and Hooch-style dog watching her work out? And what are the psychological implications for me that I was so obsessed with it when I saw it as an 8-year-old? (Yes, I know it was a stunt double and they were avoiding showing her face, but still. The scene is almost all a whirling, twirling butt.)

But the truth is, I always secretly wanted to be a dancer -- the blisters, the sweat, the awesome clothes, the sadistically pointy shoes! And the totally manic energy of this clip can still get me dancing like a maniac on my living room floor even now, as a grown-ass adult, much to the bemusement of my neighbors across the courtyard. That Alex Bowens welded steel! She poured water on herself in a most enticing way for money! She didn't give an eff what any of us those; she just wanted to dance!

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