Slumdog MillionaireYou might imagine Academy Award voters as old film buffs, tucked away in a locked room somewhere, closing their eyes and pointing to pick the winners of each category.

We're not saying you're not right, but now they'll have to do a lot more than just pick a favorite for Best Picture. This year, not only will the top category include 10 nominees, but instead of selecting the one film they think should win, voters will be ranking all 10, similar to the way they select those nominees early on in the voting process.

So what does this mean for the night's biggest award? And, in its 82nd year, why change now? Simple. With more nominees than ever allowed, the traditional voting process would open up a chance for a longshot to win. It's also very likely that it could narrow the margin between the winning movie and its closest also-ran by just a few votes.
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