Face it -- it's Michael Bay's world now, and we just live in it. Weary of dominating the world with gigantic robots and Megan Fox, Bay might just be returning with the Bad Boys. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Columbia has hired Peter Craig to pen a third installment of the Bad Boys series, and hope to get the old team back together in the truest sense of action movies.

The studio hopes that a strong script can lure them all back for another mission. Neither Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer, Will Smith or Martin Lawrence have a deal to return, and since this is still in the early stages of development, that's no surprise. However, THR notes that all have expressed an interest in returning if the story is strong enough. The potential hurdle is the massive salaries Smith and Lawrence now command, something that's proving to be a problem with many action movies these days.

So, what else can I say? Bad Boys 3 is coming. I'll make a shocking prediction and say that it'll take place in Miami, feature a drug cartel, some human trafficking, and a lot of explosions. Explosions with tanks coming out of them. There will be at least one smoking hot chick. At the end, Smith and Lawrence will sing Bad Boys with the wrong words. It's going to be Baytastic, but at least it isn't a Bad Boys reboot.

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