By: Scott Weinberg

Good news and bad news, horror freaks ... although of course your mileage may vary on both. Despite the fact that Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 opened in third place this weekend, its $17 million haul was obviously enough to keep the Weinstein brothers happy. In a (very) recent article in the L.A. Times movie section, it was announced that Bob Weinstein and Dimension are planning to move forward with a Halloween 3-D, which will arrive in theaters almost precisely a year from today.

I call that the bad news, but really, not all that bad, since I've spent most of my life sifting through horror sequels, and I call that fun. The good news? "Weinstein said Rob Zombie, who directed "Halloween II" and 2007's reboot of the 31-year-old horror series, won't return for "Halloween 3-D." He said the studio is in negotiations with a new director, whom he declined to name, who has experience in horror and has a "different take" on the franchise." (Again, full article here.)

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