You can't keep a good Sylvester Stallone hero down, even if they should have been dead ten or twenty times over through the course of their 1980s careers. John Rambo is set to take another step towards complete and utter immortality as Variety reports that Stallone is officially putting a fifth Rambo film into production.

Stallone has been avidly talking about
a fifth Rambo for nearly two years, and last anyone heard, was debating whether to set it in Austria or America. But seeing as there's not a ton of John Rambo-esque conflict in Austria at the moment, and Rambo did show him back on U.S. soil, he's opted for the latter. The storyline finds our hero on the U.S.-Mexican border, fighting through human traffickers and drug lords in order to rescue a young kidnapped girl. (Actually, I can see the exact same movie set in Austria, but Stallone & Company probably realized it would be too close to the story of Taken. Or maybe they really did opt in favor of geographical continuity.)

Lest you think this is just talk, Nu Image / Millennium Films have officially green-lit the film, and it's set to begin production in the spring. I know I should be really critical of this and roll my eyes, but I can't help it. There's something very comforting in seeing an old warhorse continue to unleash semi-automatic hell on those most deserving of it.
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