By Monika Bartyzel

In May we got the creepiest Mother's Day news ever -- Darren Lynn Bousman was prepping a remake of Charles Kaufman's Mother's Day -- a film where a few boys rape and murder some girls to please their sadistic mother. It was just the sort of thing for the mom who already has enough flowers. But now the flick's got a more socially palatable plot, and our favorite evil caregiver. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Rebecca De Mornay has signed on to play Mom.

This incarnation zeroes in on a "wicked family" who decides to return to the house they grew up in and "terrorize the new owners and their guests." But it won't just be about the grown-up kids tapping into their murderous tendencies. De Mornay comes in as "Mother," who "will go to any length to protect her children." Bring on the De Mornay evil! If intent means anything for the final product, her involvement should be viciously sweet. Bousman says: "Every time you look at (Rebecca), she is on fire and to take her to this level, which is like her role in Hand That Rocks the Cradle times a thousand, is exciting. She is not some Freddy Krueger or Jason, so it was important for me to get a real actress."

De Mornay has had some horror fare since her classic stint as Mrs. Mott/Peyton Flanders, but nothing has rang as sweetly as Cradle. Would anyone have imagined that a Troma remake would possibly bring her back to that chill-worthy world? Production begins this month in Winnipeg with a cast that includes Jaime King, Shawn Ashmore, Briana Evigan, Alexa Vega, Matt O'Leary and Deborah Ann Woll. Are you ready for De Mornay's return to caretaker creeps?
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