With True Blood continuing to gain steam throughout season two (ok, a few folks weren't that crazy about this week's "Frenzy," but I continue to love the show), it's only natural that fans would take over the characters and create their own reality. And because everything happens on Twitter these days, that's where True Blood TwitterFic Theater is taking place.

Find out how Eric really feels about Sookie, what goes on in Sam's head, and how Tara is coping with Maryann's spells. Not only that; TwitterFic Theater goes beyond mere characters. Some fans are even happy to be inanimate objects in the show, like Hoyt's cell phone and Bill's robe.

My colleague Alison over at b5media (I blog at FilmGecko.com) put together a really nice package about TwitterFic Theater, complete with interviews with the characters. Check it out on Screamstress.com.

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