As the dust begins to settle on the enormous, earth shattering deal between Marvel and Disney, we can take a deep and clear breath here on the Geek Beat, and summarize what we already know and what we can hope for. This is going to be an ongoing story, and more developments will probably break after this piece is published, but I figured I'd play it safe and easy this week, and just clarify what I could.

Naturally, our biggest fear is that Disney was going to be purging Marvel of all its down and dirty heroes onscreen and off. We made a lot of jokes about it, but the one thing stressed by Disney and Joe Quesada was that all such weeping and wailing was groundless. Comic Book Resources exhaustively detailed the big conference call where Disney executives stressed again and again that they were uninterested in messing up Marvel's business, and cited their arrangement with PIXAR as proof of their good intentions. They feel that Marvel Entertainment handles their characters intelligently, and knows how to work with them in other media. Disney was attracted to them for that very reason -- and that's not exactly the first time we've heard that since it's precisely why all kinds of talented people are racing to get involved with Marvel movies.

That was repeated again and again at the Iron Man 2 roundtable. No matter if they're actors, directors, writers, or producers, everyone loves hanging around the Marvel gurus, and only a madmen would tamper with that formula.
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