David Slade's adaptation of Steve Niles' comic came out right before the tsunami-sized re-injection of vampires into every medium imaginable and I think we can all agree that 30 Days of Night was a great adult outing for the predominantly teen-centric Ghost House Pictures, but is a straight-to-video sequel really necessary? If Ghost House wants to further explore the 30 Days world, that's fine, but I'd vote keep it compartmentalized to episodic web content. Alas, FEARnet On-Demand series just doesn't pay enough, I suppose. Thus is born the rationale for the redundantly titled 30 Days of Night: Dark Days.

Bloody-Disgusting tells us that the newly sanctioned, non-theatrical, feature-length sequel will be directed by Ben Ketai. Diehard fans of the franchise should recognize him as a writer on both of the film's serialized offspring, Blood Trails and Dust to Dust, as well as the director of the latter. Also returning will be comic creator Steve Niles to help Ketai script the project, which will follow the further adventures of the original film's starlet/survivor Stella Oleson on her sunless path of revenge. Not returning, however, is Melissa George as the prettiest lady in a blood-covered parka. That'd just cost too much and who likes continuity, anyway?
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