One of the most intriguing horror films of 2009 has to be Pontypool. People either love it or hate it, but there's no denying Bruce McDonald's adaptation of Tony Sturgess' novel is a stirring (and decidedly weird) story about the staff of a basement-based radio station who unwillingly become the sole connection between the world at large and the inexplicable, virus-like spread of mindless violence scross their small, recently quarantined Canadian town.

As you can imagine from the setting/premise, Pontypool is a very dialog heavy twist on the zombie-outbreak platform that deals far more with what other people see than what the audience get's to see. In fact, Sturgess' script is so language heavy and star Stephen McHattie's voice is so cool, one can imagine it being performed without any visual aides.

Oh, hey, what's this over here? The BBC has made a radio play version of Pontypool available for all to listen to as part of their World Drama radio series? How convenient!
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