One of my most bittersweet memories of the days I spent at my first dot com job at a now-defunct video game website was the day I came in to the office after I'd been laid off and watched Office Space with my friends who were waiting for the axe to fall. In what was our former Axis of Video Game Nerdery (a room with every console, some "debugged" thanks to a soldering iron and some help from the guys in Chinatown, high-end PCs, and several TVs), we hunkered down in the dark and cheered as Peter, Michael, and Samir go crazy on the printer with baseball bats.

As it turned out, everyone got the axe by August, and since it was 2001 and we were about a block from the World Trade Center, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I'm still friends with many of those folks, especially because of moments like that (and a variety of others that were probably HR violations).

In honor of my colleagues, the two lucky college kids who got scads of VS cash to party it up '90s style and run a company into the ground, and the newest Mike Judge movie, Extract, I present to you my favorite Office Space moment. Well, one of many. Video after the jump. (Naughty language, ahoy!)