The Cove is an indie documentary that got great reviews but didn't do so hot at the box office, not only because it was a tiny independently distributed documentary but also because of its brutal subject matter. The Cove is about the slaughter of around 23,000 dolphins every year in just one cove in Taiji, Japan, and the group assembled by former dolphin trainer-turned-advocate Ric O'Barry to try and stop it. Cinematical's very own Scott Weinberg's Sundance review was blurbed in the trailer, and William Goss urged film-goers to "get brave and see The Cove already!"

O'Barry, who is also the director for Save Japan Dolphins and returns to Taiji regularly despite the danger of the local yakuza, has good news this year. When he returned for the first day of the annual dolphin slaughter, along with journalists from major international publications, "the notorious Cove from the movie was empty. There were no dolphin killers in sight." Not only that, but Japanese police and media were also there to talk to him and cover the story – big news since according to O'Barry, the Japanese media has been ignoring the situation until now.

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