Now that cell phones have fancy little screens that show funky little movies -- 'cept for mine, which just shows a cute cat and some text -- movies-on-phones is becoming all the more popular. People download flicks to watch on the go, and somehow decipher teeny tiny faces on a tiny little screen; it's the silly contrast to the obsession with big, super-awesome-high-definition TVs. Others, meanwhile, use cells to make mini movies, like Don McKellar's Phone Call from Imaginary Girlfriends.

But now films are getting their release on the phone. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Sally Potter's Rage will premiere on cell phones through Babelgum on September 28, offering an "episode" a day for one week. Luckily, this film is a "series of interviews, as if shot by a schoolboy on his mobile phone over a seven-day period," where names like Steve Buscemi and Dianne Wiest talk about a New York fashion show -- so it's not exactly a strange way to release the film.

But it does open a can of worms: Can we expect future films to get released on our phones? Full features? I shudder at the thought -- at having to wait for installments of something that should be seen as a whole, at having to see what should be a piece of art on a tiny screen. We've already seen the world of cinema get terribly watered down, so could we possibly get a future where everyone watches movies on their handhelds? How far should this mobile movie craze go?