We know that Ti West has been working away on a Cabin Fever sequel for quite a while now -- the first time we had production photos to show for it was back in early 2007 -- and we'd heard rumblings that perhaps Lionsgate was looking to re-cut what West had already assembled, but other than rumors, official news was sparse.

Recently, though, West spoke up at a London Frightfest Q&A for his latest film, the well-received-so-far The House of the Devil, and said that he wants nothing to do with the current cut from the studio, which removes his own idiosyncrasies such as star- and heart-shaped wipes (really?) that made CF2 more comparable to a John Waters or Todd Solondz film than Eli Roth's original (all things that he did mention in an interview with Spout's Karina Longworth earlier this year, a piece which does go into a helpful amount of detail about both this dilemma and an ordeal at Tribeca regarding House).

While West's vision seems to have been re-instated in time for House's fall release, and as much as I can understand any director wanting to make each movie his own, wouldn't it stand to reason that making a Cabin Fever sequel on the straight-and-narrow would be worth getting a shot to then follow up with something more unique and individual to add to the Lionsgate slate?

That particular bridge may be burned by now, but hopefully Ti's next project sees a lot less interference and a little more support wherever it may land, regardless of how many heart wipes it has...

[Thanks to Shock for bringing this to our attention.]
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