It's time for another cult classic flick to hit the stage. In 1980, the world entered the Forbidden Zone. The cult classic was written and directed by Richard Elfman. It marked the first appearance of '80s band Oingo Boingo, which was led by Danny, Richard's brother. (Yes, this is the Oscar-nominated composer Danny Elfman.) Now, in conjunction with the classic's 30th anniversary, the Zone is going live and following the film-to-stage trend. After a lot of murmuring in the blogosphere, Hollywood's officially getting Forbidden Zone: Live in the 6th Dimension -- "a surreal bawdy musical" adapted by playwright and actor Michael Holmes (Det. Miller in the online series Duck 'n Cover).

One look at the trailer for the film (you can see it after the jump, NSFW, some nudity) shows that it's almost futile to try and describe this insane flick. At its simplest, The Forbidden Zone is the story of a house in Venice, California that has a door in the basement leading to an insane world where King Fausto reigns (played by Fantasy Island icon Herve Villechaize). When the mom of the house gets captured in the other dimension, her family and friend strive to save her.

We've had Rocky Horror for a good long time, so are you ready to travel to the Zone and sing along to Oingo Boingo?

The production will kick off in May 2010 at Los Angeles' Sacred Fools Theater.
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