As an unprofessional historian, I find pilgrimages to be a fascinating thing. People have undertaken them for thousands of years, and the daring adventures they took in days before compasses and reliable maps impress me to no end. There's something very inexplicable about the human need to do this, but it's practically universal in our species. By now you're saying "This is Cinematical, not an archeology blog!" and you're right. So let's talk about movie pilgrimages.

Just about every film buff I know has journeyed somewhere to gaze on someplace featured in a movie. Even non film buffs I know find glory in doing it, as plenty of my friends and family members have shown me vacation photos and said "Recognize that? It's the restaurant from Forever Young!" or "Did you know Some Like It Hotwas filmed at the Coronado? I think this is the rock Marilyn Monroe sat on. For real!" A sociologist or psychologist would undoubtedly say this is because movies are now our religious texts, celebrities our Thomas Beckets, and I'm sure that's true. But mostly, people seem do it because it's fun, and few people ever seem to speak of their journey with anything like awe, but a half-embarrassed "Yeah, I went there on purpose" before hiding the photo showing them reenacting the scene.
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