The gloves are off, the gauntlet is thrown, the charge has sounded, and the battle for December 17, 2010 is on. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tron Legacyhas planted its release flag on December 17, 2010. The news comes just days after Columbia pushed The Green Hornet back from July 2010 to the very same date of December.

So, will one film blink and reschedule? The Green Hornet has already moved its release date twice, though that had little to do with marketing and everything to do with its public pre-production woes. To do so a third time could be very bad publicity and begin sowing the seeds of doubt, as silly as that seems. Right now, the moviegoing public barely knows The Green Hornet started filming this week, let alone that it's done a release date dance.

Of course, the same could be said for the public and Tron Legacy. But if online buzz equaled box office, Tron Legacy would be the sure thing thanks to its Comic-Con buzz and a bigger nostalgia punch. This is the film I predict will stay on December 17, though I'd honestly like to see Tron Legacy be rescheduled for the summer. But that's only because I like my sci-fi when it's warm outside, and prefer event movies to keep to the pattern set in 1977.

But now it's time for you to play studio executives on this slow news day. Which film will blink, and find itself a new release date to call home? If Tron Legacy and The Green Hornet both keep to the date, and December 17, 2010 was tomorrow (perish the thought), which one would take #1?