One nice thing about trying to find Cinematical worthy clips on YouTube is that if you don't find what you want, you usually find something just as fun. I remember The Full Monty having a delightful montage somewhere after they decide to strip, but I'll be damned if I can find it. However, this scene popped up and soothed my annoyance considerably, while reminding me just how much I enjoyed this movie. (I don't own it on DVD. Criminal!) Plus, there's just nothing funnier than an awkward strip tease, especially when performed by a very ordinary looking fellow like Robert Carlyle. Everything about it is wonderful -- the choice of music, the fact that he believes that's how the professionals do it, the British coinage flying wildly and threatening his audience with bodily harm, and the fact that his son Nathan immediately offers some constructive criticism. I can never believe that poor boy sticks around through weeks of his father's skin selling plans. I think I would have been petitioning the state to be removed from my home, but maybe I'm just prudish and cold-hearted.

But honestly, if a cheeky Englishman offered me a strip tease like Carlyle's, I'd probably accept in a heartbeat. The intentions are good, even if the dance moves are crap. I'd make sure he put the cigarette out, though.

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