It's Labor Day weekend, but instead of grilling, maybe you feel like chilling at home with some fine, fine films. Netflix's on-demand service is great but sometimes the pickings are slim, and you're craving something meatier, something you can sink your teeth into.

Well, The Auteurs' Cinematheque has got your number. Sign up for free and check out what's available in your area -- some of the movies are actually free (hey, I've always meant to see L'avventura!) and some are available for a 7-day rental for the mere price of $5. The quality is so fine, you can hook your computer up to your TV and have an arty party for you and your friends. The Auteurs also offers curated series' like Cannes Winners, six movies from the fancy French fest courtesy of Criterion. Mais oui.

The site also offers forums to chat with other like-minded folks, as well as The Auteurs Notebook, which offers daily info on festivals, reviews, and even the occasional poem, as well as deep-cut think pieces from such film critics as Glenn Kenny and David Hudson, among others.

It's a cool site and perfect for those late nights when you feel like something a little more highbrow without getting out of your jammies.
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