The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
Ten years after the original, we've finally got a sequel to Boondock Saints. Parts of the trailer grabbed me (especially that song) but I can't help thinking this ship has already sailed. The saints will be marching in on October 30.

Rob Zombie's El Superbeasto
I had been looking forward to Rob Zombie's animated feature but this trailer has really killed my enthusiasm. I kind of like the look of it, but not one of the jokes made me laugh. This goes into limited release on September 12.

Leslie, My Name is Evil
A milquetoast chemist serving on the Manson Family jury finds himself smitten with Leslie, one of Charles Manson's followers. No U.S. release dates for this one yet.

A tough independent female trucker suddenly finds herself saddled with an 11-year-old son she hasn't seen since he was a baby. Watch for this one on October 9.

Brief Interviews With Hideous Men
A synopsis doesn't really do this one justice. Check it out, it looks pretty cool. The film is getting a limited release on September 25.

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