After 35 years of movies, John Waters has hinted that he might be leaving the biz soon. While talking to ArtInfo, he mentioned how financing for Fruitcake (the kids' flick that was to star Johnny Knoxville and Parker Posey) has fallen through twice and: "I want to do two more movies -- that's enough. I hope I can make two more."

I can't imagine a world free of fresh, new, campy, audacious, controversial, and wonderful Waters fare. It's like a world without Divine's "chocolatey" treats, which paved the way for Seann William Scott in American Wedding, a world without rectal recitals, which paved the way for a certain scene from Shortbus, a world where there's no hairspray to sing about, and no John Travolta cross-dressing mixed with Zac Efron mania. A world without "Demented Forever," Patty Hearst's film career, and, well, you get the hint.

People hop in and out of retirement all the time in the movie industry, but if this sticks, we'll have to stick with nostalgia to get our John Waters fix. So, in light of that possible future, I ask you: What's your favorite John Waters film and moment? Which will you turn to again and again when Waters retires?

Me, it'll be Cecil B.Demented and Maggie Gyllenhaal's eyelash curler scene.

[via Movieline]
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