It's been such a long, winding battlefield of a road for this millennium's take on The Green Hornet that it's surprising that the project has gone anywhere at all. Nevertheless, after all the pre-production fuss, getting our official Kato, a new Christmas-season release date, and a big Tron battle, we're finally getting photos from the set, courtesy of Just Jared.

Yes, that photo to the right of Cameron Diaz and a parasol isn't the most exciting of shots, but the rest might be quite spoilerific. So, of course, quit reading if you want to stay in the dark about Hornet goings-on. Anyhow, Diaz's Lenore Case and Seth Rogen's Britt Reid are holding an outdoor press conference when things take a turn for the bloody -- someone shoots Reid in the left shoulder. As things become chaotic, Case tries to get him in the nearby car, whilst Reid grimaces and the camera people go nuts to get the best shot. (There's a ton of shots over at JJ.)

Oh, how will this all turn out? It should help that the release date moved farther away from Iron Man, because good or bad, it's hard to release a second millionaire business man/tough crime fighter only a few months after everyone descends upon Iron Man. But will it be enough?
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