Diablo Cody has been popping up on magazine covers in anticipation of her upcoming horror flick, Jennifer's Body. So far she's hit BUST Magazine's August/September issue, and the September issue of INKED, and of course there will be plenty of Ms. Cody to go around at this year's Toronto Film Festival, where Jennifer's Body will have its world premiere.

Jennifer's Body is a unique beast because it was written and directed by women, with Cody behind the script and Girlfight's Karyn Kusama directing. Cody is also the executive producer. Naturally, Cody has plenty to say about Jennifer's Body and how it relates to women – and feminism – in the latest issue of BUST. A brief excerpt is as follows:

"It's really about girl-on-girl crime. It's Mean Girls taken to an extreme. When the alpha girl becomes cannibal-like, nitpicking is no longer enough. Now she literally has to consume flesh." (p. 40)

Later the self-professed feminist says, "The movie also references eating disorders. Jennifer's eating habits revolve around a binge-purge cycle... She actually throws up before she eats. She's possessed. She vomits disgusting black bile on her victims before she eats them. But in one of my favorite scenes, she's binge-eating out of her refrigerator. I thought to myself, 'Man, if we aren't getting it across...' I was happy about that." (p. 43)

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