We've some new writers shaking things up now and later at both Sci-Fi (not SyFy) Squad and Horror Squad, so this seemed like as good a time as any to shine a light on a couple of features making the rounds there.

Over on Sci-Fi: Erik updated us on the progress on a fan-made Star Wars re-creation that involved nearly 500 fans each tackling a scene, Peter Hall shared the original short film behind this week's feature-length 9, and Scott made a list of his top 100 sci-fi films of all time in the name of all that is twisting knickers.

Meanwhile, on Horror Squad: yours truly helped fill in the details regarding the shelf-sitting sequel to Cabin Fever, Peter Hall linked us to a free-for-all radio play incarnation of the clever and creepy Pontypool, and Weinberg made a list of his top 100 horror films of all time for the sake of causing ulcers the world over.
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