Every time we get a new Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, or Fantastic Four flick, tons of new articles hit the wire about how Marvel has big plans for Thor, Captain America, and ... Ant-Man. It's probably because Ant-Man isn't quite as popular as those other guys that we don't feel any geekish urgency towards an Ant-Man movie, but ... heck, at least Ant-Man has had a finished draft for a while now. And that's more than you could say about ol' Thor, right?

Plus it should be noted that said draft comes from one Edgar Wright, yep, the co-writer and director of great comedic entertainments like Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz. Find me a movie geek who wouldn't want to see a Marvel hero as filtered through the lenses of Wright and his loyal team!

But now that the massive Disney + Marvel deal is in place, we're hearing a few buzzings (from Entertainment Weekly and BleedingCool.com) that Ant-Man could maybe, possibly, sometime down the road ... become a Pixar feature? Keep in mind that this is simply geek-friendly speculation, and that even if Edgar Wright DID combine his skills with Pixar, well, the flick wouldn't be ready for about four years. Check out the piece at BC.com right here and then share your thoughts below. Me? I think it's a perfect fit: The Pixar team working on something with a strange and colorful history -- along with a movie-geek filmmaker who is all about delivering the fun.
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