Are you familiar with Iron Chef America, the Food Network TV show that pits one chef against another in the ultimate culinary showdown? If not, you see more sunlight than I do. If you are familiar, however, then you'll most certainly recognize Iron Chef Mario Batali, the gentle giant who specializes in Italian cuisine and, apparently, slaughtering critics who disparage his work.

Below is a teaser for Bitter Feast, a new film from Glass Eye Pix (makers of The House of the Devil and I Sell The Dead) starring Batali as a down-on-his-luck chef who seeks revenge on the food critic out to ruin him. It's a wonderful teaser that reveals nothing spoilery while establishing the lighthearted spirit of cooking those who oppose you. And if you saw a horror movie starring Food Network personality Mario Batali coming, please contact me ASAP. I want to exploit your prophetic powers.

Yes, folks, this is happening.
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