Forget about crop circles -- those are as passe as lame-o's hitting the dance floor to jive to the funky chicken. There's a new crop-destroyer to contend with, and it doesn't just plow down strange circles of land. It professes love for young, suddenly muscled studlets and sparkling boys with a taste for blood. In one of the strangest twists of fandom and movie marketing yet, New Moon has inspired a "Team Jacob" and "Team Jacob" proclamations in maize.

Black Island Farms in Utah has gotten into the Twilight craze by creating puntacular mazes in maize, where fans can stroll through the corn-filled faces of both Jacob and Edward. Vampires, werewolves, whatever floats your boat, they'll deliver! I imagine that as utterly over-the-top as this is, it'll probably do good business even if the patrons can't see that they're actually walking through the hotties' faces.

Go Team Crazy!

[via Just Jared]
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