The rumors of casting B.A. Baracus started months ago, but I'm honestly a bit confused as to why it has taken as long as it has for UFC champion Rampage Jackson to be crowned the official replacement of Mr. T in Joe Carnahan's relaunch of the '80s action series The A-Team. He already looks the part, he even acts the part both on and off stage, but most importantly, the man's handle is Rampage. I'm fairly certain fulfilling the role of a soldier of fortune who destroys everything around him and shouts dominating one-liners at anyone who gets in his way was always this man's destiny.

And yet the news of Rampage's casting as Baracus still hasn't come from an official source. Instead, the Vancouver Sun has done all kinds of sneaky detective work to put two and two together: On August 19th he was in Vancouver, where the A-Team is filming, to talk to Carnahan and his producers. Now Rampage Jackson is back in town and can be seen signing autographs for fans when not walking around the A-Team set. It's also been learned that he pulled out of an upcoming UFC fight to free up his schedule.

So really, it's not sneaky detective work at all, it's just common sense on the part of the Sun. Then again, it's common sense for the universe to have someone who goes by the name Rampage play a character whose initials stand for Bad Attitude. I'm not trying to downplay the importance of a casting department, who already nailed down Bradley Cooper and Liam Neeson as the biggest tentpoles of Carnahan's elite A-Team, but I'm confident casting anyone but Rampage would have been a metaphysical impossibility.
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