The Dark Knight
demolished Superman! Iron Man beat up Batman Begins!

Well, we made it. Oh sure we had a slight glitch in Round 5 and we've withstood all sorts of angry movie-fan banter in the comments sections ... but overall I'd call our first Cinematical Tournament a big success. Our readers had fun, the Twitter movie freaks were very supportive, and I even learned a little something about tolerance and love along the way. So without further delay (oh, except to say that we'll have a nice handy recap sometime soon) I offer to you the final match-up of The Best Superhero Movie of ALL TIME tournament. (Or at least until another good superhero movie comes out, whichever comes first.)

The Dark Knight (2008) vs. Iron Man (2008)


To track back how and see how we got here, click right here and go brew some coffee. Oh, and let it be known that we're certainly not done hosting tournaments. In fact, we're putting together our next one now, and may even ask for a little input from you first. Stay tuned!
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