I've decided to launch a new, semi-regular feature within The Geek Beat. As you can probably imagine, it's quite difficult to come up with a new geeky topic week after week, and news occasionally becomes scarce. Holiday weekends are especially rough for discussion topics, and a girl is forced to invent her own. So, I've decided to borrow a page from Guy Ritchie and Warner Bros, and launch something I'm calling "Adapt This!"

You see, there are characters within the universes of Marvel and DC that are just kind of ... off. You wonder what drugs people were on when they created them, and you subsequently wonder what someone might have to be on to option them for a movie. However, this is a day and age of geekdom when no holds are barred, when Lobo finds a teenage sidekick and Youngblood is considered a "Heck yeah, too cool!" property. So, I've decided to just comb through the comic archives, pick a character (nearly) at random, and present a case for adaptation. It's all tongue in cheek, though the wild west nature of optioning says you could see any one of these in a theater near you.

This week's selection: Granny Goodness!

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