I'm probably the wrong person to write this tribute, but I felt something needed to be said. I had never met, nor indeed had ever heard of Filipino-Canadian film critic Alexis A. Tioseco -- though he and I have been published in the pages of the same weekly paper -- or his Slovenian film journalist partner Nika Bohinc, who were killed by three burglars in their home in Manila last Tuesday night. (He was 29; she was 30.) A few of my colleagues knew them, and the heartfelt tributes have been pouring in. Raised in Vancouver, Tioseco moved back to his birthplace, the Philippines, in 1997. He started and ran a website called Criticine.com and contributed articles to other papers, magazines and websites. He focused mainly on Southeast Asian cinema, and felt that it was unnecessary to contribute to the already overloaded myriad of opinions on the latest English-language blockbuster.
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