If you happen to subscribe to the Hitchen's theory of comedy (you know, the one that says women can't be pretty and funny), then you're going to need to explain Charlize Theron to me. The Oscar-winning actress is probably one of the most beautiful women to walk the earth ... but that's not all, because she's also damn funny. Now, we've seen installments of Between Two Ferns here at Cinematical before, but the latest moment of strangeness from Zach Galifianakis just might be my favorite.

Most of us know Theron from her dramatic work, but if you're a fan of Arrested Development then you know how good she is at comedy. In fact, I think that's why this installment works so well, because Theron is a good enough actress that you honestly can't tell if she's in on the joke -- and considering Galifianakis relies on moments of awkwardness in his comedy, presto! You've got the perfect pairing.

Watching this clip reminded me that it's been too long since Theron has unleashed the funny, and with The Road and The Burning Plain already on their way to theaters, and an Atlas Shrugged mini-series on the horizon, this could be our last chance to see her crack a smile for a long, long, time.

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