When I kicked off the Our Favorite Montages series late last month, I originally did so with the intention of plugging this particular montage first because a) it's quite possibly my most favorite montage of all time, and b) it's tremendously awesome and makes you want to learn karate. However, for some reason that day I just couldn't find a nice, clean embeddable version of it online -- but that all changed when a new online search led me to a version of the montage on MySpace, and, well, I managed to embed it after the jump.

Most of my favorite movie montages come equipped with a memorable song, and there's no way in Reseda that one can listen to Joe Esposito's You're the Best Around without immediately thinking about this classic montage from The Karate Kid. For the entire movie we're with Daniel as he's training to take on those evil Cobra Kai morons in the All Valley Karate Championship. Unfortunately, Johnny, Bobby, Tommy and Jimmy (seriously, was it that hard to come up with some more creative names for this lot?) never knew what hit them. I love this montage because, here, Maccio mastered the art of kicking ass while still looking completely scared out of his mind. Meanwhile, it's got Elisabeth Shue in her prime when she was the go-to movie girlfriend, and who doesn't love the random people shouting "Yeah Daniel, you're the best!" from the audience? And what's up with that big, overweight Cobra Kai dude? Where was he in the Halloween bike chase scene?

Anyway, watch the montage after the jump.