Written by Jodie Kearns

A devoted horror fan becomes obsessed with finding the finished print of legendary lost slasher film The Hills Run Red. After tracking down the director's daughter, he ropes her, his girlfriend and his friend into documenting his search for the missing film. Their pursuit of the ultimate video nasty and the truth behind it leads them into classic slasher territory: the deep, dark, woods where the infamous film was shot and the deranged killer Babyface stalked his prey for the cameras.

The Hills Run Red, written by John Dombrow and David J. Schow, directed by Dave Park, promised to be a smart, cliché-busting modernisation of the slasher film. However, it doesn't reach the calibre of John Carpenter's episode of "Masters of Horror" Cigarette Burns which has a similar premise, nor does it deconstruct the slasher genre as cleverly as Scream or Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.
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