Written by Jodie Kearns

Written and directed by Steven Kastrissios, The Horseman is a powerful Australian revenge thriller. Shortly after he learns of her death, Christian Forteski (Peter Marshall) is anonymously sent a pornographic video featuring his clearly heavily drugged daughter and a group of men. When he realises that these men may have left her for dead, he begins tracking down everyone involved in the making of the film, to exact his revenge on them and try to find the truth of his little girl's final hours.

The thing that sets The Horseman apart from other revenge thrillers is that the crime that warrants the revenge is never shown. The film opens with Christian's daughter alone in an industrial estate, crying and counting money which it has clearly cost her dearly to get. How she ended up there and what her relationship was with her father that meant she couldn't go to him for help is left up to the audience's imagination. Christian has to piece together the horrific truth of what happened as he carries out his vengeance. As he tortures and beats his way through the makers of the video his pursuit becomes more dangerous and difficult, with each violent encounter taking a heavy physical toll on him, and each victim giving him another piece of the puzzle of what exactly caused his daughter's death.
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