If you happen to be a handsome ex-CIA agent who out of a rabid sense of patriotism let the US government turn you into a tech-savvy killing machine with no memories and a penchant for throat chopping people in all manner of office building and slum around the world, Matt Damon would like you to call Universal Studios and give them a heads up as to what your life is like. See, Universal wants to make a fourth Bourne film, as does series star Damon, but they currently have no idea how to plausibly bring the guaranteed money maker back to the big screen.

Damon explained to Empire in a recent interview the holding pattern America's new favorite ex-spy is in, "you can't see the guy saying "I don't remember" any more, because he's lost and regained his memory three times already! And he's not like Bond, who goes on individual missions. I mean, you could make Bond movies forever, because you'd start each film at the beginning of a new mission. But Bourne isn't built that way, unfortunately."

If your first thought is to somehow have Bourne go back to working as a G-man, toss it out right now; that's already been considered and dismissed by Damon and co. However, I'm pretty confident they haven't thought of the following. If they had, Revenge is Bourne would already have a trailer.
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