It's 09-09-09 today, an event that won't happen for another hundred years in 2109, and it's also the day that a marketing executive somewhere decided, "Hey! That's a perfect release day for The Beatles!" So they're packing it full from top to bottom with the releases of the meticulously remastered Beatles albums on CD in massive mono and stereo sets, and of course The Beatles: Rock Band video game comes out today, allowing you to pretend you're John, Paul, George, or Ringo. No Pete Best, sadly.

However, not included in this barrage of Beatledom are any of The Beatles' movies. They made five motion pictures over the course of their career, but you hardly hear about them these days. Check out the list below ranked in order from Fab! to Flop, then get your own Revolution going.

A Hard Day's Night
Arguably the best Beatles movie, and the band's favorite, Richard Lester (Superman II, Help!) directed this tongue-in-cheek look at the band by structuring it around what their lives were actually like at the time: running from fans, answering inane questions from reporters, and playing music. There's an amusing subplot tossed in about Paul's grandfather ("He's very ... clean"), but the black and white look captures the early Beatles at their vintage best. Even normally quiet and wooden George Harrison is funny in this thing. A reporter asks him what he calls his moptop haircut and he deadpans, "Arthur."
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